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About Beekay Air Conditioning (Pty) Ltd.

Beekay Air Conditioning installs , supplies and services all types of air conditioning brands and can offer a varied range of air conditioning systems to correctly suit the installation environment. We supply , install and service among others , Sumsung , Jet air , LG, Alliance and Sir Air.

We pride ourselves in high standards of workmanship , using best quality air conditioners available.Air conditioners provide us with many benefits in comfort and relaxation .it is proven fact that people who uncomfortable in their work environment due to excessive heat or cold are far less productive than people who have a regulated temperature to work in.

The Best Products for your Cooling & Heating needs:

  • Affordable pricing on Top quality brands.
  • Total after-sales support. 
  • Ice making machines. 
  • Saving you time by including all materials needed.
  • Saving you money with no hidden costs.
  • Saving you endless phone calls and appointments with contractors.
  • Expert support and advice. 

Air condition pricing

Back to back installation R1200
SERVICE-Major service (incls) Re gas –R749
Minor service R399


9 000 btu +_ 18 m2
1 200 btu +_24 m2
18 000 btu +_ 36 m2
24 000 btu +_48 m2
30 000 btu +_ 60m2



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